Thrifted Recently:

I've been having excellent thrifting luck recently, here are some of the goods:

{ Deer Skull - this bad boy sits above our TV, and I love it.  I'd been looking for the perfect one for a while, and I just happened upon it at a junk shop downtown.  It was $15, and I rode home with the antlers sticking out of my backpack! }

Midcentury lamp base
{ I love lamp!  Mid-century Lamp Base - $1 !! - This also came home from a garage sale in my backpack. }

{some great dishes that will be hung on the wall in the kitchen - $1 each}

$5 retro stool
{ $5 Retro Ottoman/Stool.  I've got big plans for this! }

straw bag
{ A giant straw bag with leather handles - $5 - I've been looking for one of these for a while! }

thrifted typewriter

{Beautiful typewriter in pristine condition - I LOVE it! }

vintage conte crayons
{ Conte crayons }

{Belts! 25 cents a pop! - I wanted more high waist belts as I've recently bought a bunch of dresses that need to be belted. }

owl necklace
{ Lovely owl necklace!! $2 }

There was more too, but I'll save that for a later post.  :)


  1. I'm beginning to think where you live is a GOLD MINE for thrifting. You find the coolest stuff! Sounds like everything is going good for you guys! I'm glad to hear it. I especially love seeing your "big sky" photos - it reminds me so much of Oklahoma (where I grew up). It's been so hot and humid here lately - yet I haven't had many red tomatoes. :( Are you knitting/crocheting at all? I made a crocheted ripple blanket earlier this summer (it's on my project page). Take care - even if I don't comment, I am always reading your blot! :)

  2. that deer skull... the bag... plates... stool... LOVE IT! fun seeing your thrift finds, yes post more ;)

  3. I'm so glad you finally found a deer skull. I remember looking for one when I visited...sadly, the only antlers we found we on a hideous plaque.

  4. such great finds! that deer skull is my favorite! $15 is incredible