For my birthday this year Nate took me out on the town to go thrifting and get lunch in Sioux Falls.  It was my goal to find a couch, and I had a feeling we'd find one.  Weirdly enough, we went to my favorite thrift store (which ended up being closed) and around the corner we found this couch, free, sitting on the curb.  
Can you believe it?  MidCentury, dowel legs, almost no wear whatsoever.  I almost died of happiness.  I knew as soon as I saw it that it was coming home with us.  
Seeing as we drive a Corolla, Nate became very concerned/skeptical as to how we would get this couch 50 miles to our house.  
I on the other hand, was determined.  See?
Hillbilly style!!
I have hauled two desks, many chairs/coffee tables, 9 ft lumber, drainage pipes, a rocker, two credenzas, and so much more in this car.  I love it. 
So does rascal.

Also, I picked up this little gem:

Over the Midwest

Some quick shots from my flight from Sioux Falls to Chicago (en route to Miami).
chicago - tilt shift

over chicago

Mississippi River:
flying over the mississippi

Sunrise over Minnesota:
Sunrise over the midwest

landing in chicago

Green Curry Mussels

I've never made mussels in my life.  So when I saw them frozen and on sale in the supermarket, I thought I would give it a go.
They were delicious.  Nate and I sat in a food-induced coma for about an hour after eating these.
The recipe is very simple, and it really doesn't take a long time if you use pre-cleaned frozen mussels.

- 2lb bag of frozen mussels
- Can of coconut milk
- 2-3 TBSP Green curry paste (use more for a spicier sauce)
- 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
- 1 dash of powdered ginger (use fresh if you have it)
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- Dash of dried lemongrass (or fresh if you have it)
- 2 TBSP Lemon Juice
- Cilantro

1-  Add oil, garlic, lemongras, ginger, and curry paste to a large wok or skillet.  Cook on Medium for a few minutes until everything is mixed together and heated.
2-  Add the can of coconut milk and the lemon juice to the skillet, and simmer on low while you prepare the mussels.
3- Cook the Mussels using the directions provided on the package (I had to immerse the bag in boiling water for 5 minutes). Once the mussels are cooked, discard any that didn't open and add the rest to the skillet with the green curry sauce.  Cook on Medium for a few more minutes, while stirring around the mussels to make sure they are absorbing the flavors.  Lastly, roughly chop some cilantro, and sprinkle it on the cooked mussels.

Serve warm with a nice crusty bread to soak up the excess sauce.

Be warned, this meal is both simple and wonderful.  You may find yourself fantasizing about it every night.  :)


Roses are Red, or Pink

Today I decided to take a break from housework and errands and relax a little.  I spent a little time in the studio - and started a new drawing.
Starting a New Drawing
Not sure where it is heading, but sometimes I get an idea and just start drawing hoping it will work out.
Ribbon Drawing
Also, I've been enjoying our flower garden this fall - the roses are blooming which means free flowers for the house!  I love them, it is so nice to have fresh flowers!
Roses from the Garden
Flower Garden
Last but not least, Nate got me an early birthday gift!
Meet my new baby:
Nate's B-day Present to me!  :) :) :)
Circular Saw!  I'm glad I've got a husband that understands me. :) :) :)

Works in Progress

I've spent a lot of time in the basement this last week.  There were three layers of paneling on the walls.  I pulled off all of the layers in one spot (to check for any mold, water damage, etc.) and I decided to leave one of the layers up.  I patched, primed, and painted the walls over the last few days.
And on the other end of the basement, I've got to add paneling below the drywall.
And then there is the never-ending painting!
I will be happy never to see a dark cornflower blue ever again!

I've also been tying to finish up my few refinishing projects that I've been working on for a while: