Workin' on the Weekends

I've been plugging away in the studio and on preparing for next semester this last month while trying to shake the last of the flu bug which I managed to pick up while in Wisconsin for the holidays.  I've just finished the last few paintings that I'll be including in an exhibit I'm installing at Northern State University next week.

Second layer down. One left to go.


Almost finished.

Planning out my next solo show at Northern State University that will be up Jan-March.  Narrowing down my pieces and plotting a few more.

As you may have guessed, I'm a pretty insane planner.  For most of the shows I put together I like to plot out how many pieces I'll be bringing, and get a good sense of the space by making a mock-up of the interior.

Tonight's task: glamour shots.

I've also been tending to the business end of art-making; photographing and editing paintings, organizing finances, updating my website (almost done), and applying for more shows/opportunities.

I'm hoping to take a little break once school starts back up and catch up on the relaxing that I put off over break!  Wish this workaholic luck!

Three Small Watercolor Paintings

Lady - 5x5" - watercolor - available at @exposuregallery this month.
Lady - Watercolor - 5"

Tondo Boxer Dog
Boxer - Watercolor - 5"

Dalmatian - Watercolor - 5"