Studio 301 - Washington Pavilion

My progress throughout the day. :)
I participated in this year's annual Washington Pavilion one-day-art-making-extravaganza last weekend alongside 40 or so other artists from the region, and had a blast despite the massive head cold that was trying to kill my spirits.

Studio 301

I really love participating in this event because it gives me a chance to meet a whole bunch of new people who are passionate about art.  We also get a chance to talk to a lot of kids who are all wonderfully curious (and blunt - which is hilarious especially in the beginning stages of my pieces where the painting hasn't really taken shape yet) about art.
My piece from Studio 301 yesterday. :)

Although it was a small piece, I still used the full 10+ hours that we were there that day to really buckle down and finish my painting.  It is always a challenge to push through and get the pieces finished.  I really loved seeing everyone else's pieces too!