After my favorite wristlet/clutch bit the dust, I was determined to replace it with something handmade.  This is the solution to that conundrum:
I'm working on writing up a pattern for this little beauty.  It is done with a combination of knitting and crochet, and has very little seaming.  The most challenging part of it is the lining, but even that isn't so bad.  I'm thinking of making a version with a button flap too for those people who cringe at the thought of sewing in a lining.  
I was hesitant about the zipper at first, but now I love it.  
Also, there is only ONE end to weave in with this.  I think I may be the laziest knitter/crocheter ever!
Progress shot:
Pinning in the lining: 

Fun with Bokeh

087 - xmas
Yesterday I came across a tutorial for how to create shapes out of bokeh (the blurry bits in the background of your pictures when you have a short focal depth) and I decided to try it out on our Christmas tree. 
083 - xmas

The tutorial is here.  I love the way it turned out!  
081 - xmas

All I did was cut out the shape I wanted to make out of dark colored construction paper, and then I just held it up to the front/center of the lens of my D50 and manually blurred the focus with the camera at the widest (lowest) F-stop.  Easy peasy.  

These are my little cutouts:
091 - xmas

And, for good measure, I also got a picture of Bobo with heart shaped bokeh.  :)


I've recently gotten in touch with my good friend Joseph Briggs about doing a project together.  We both went to undergrad at UWO, and met while working quite possibly the grossest job ever together - cleaning dorm rooms after students moved out.  Since then, we are both doing far more awesome things.
He's an excellent poet.  I'd been keeping pace with what he was working on via Twitter and Tumblr.  
So, the idea is to do drawings based on some of his poems that he's sending over.  I'm hoping we can self-publish a short book with the drawings and poetry.  
Here's the progression of how the first drawing came to be: 
Getting Texture Samples:

My Favorite Supplies!  Verithin Pencils, Tuff Stuff Eraser Sticks, Mini T-Square, Bristol Board, Maped Pencil Sharpener, and COFFEE!
Favorite Tools

And, the finished drawing:
I'm really excited to see where this goes. 

Recently Finished

066 - Still Life
'Still Life'
Oil on Board {11 x 14"}

007 - rabbit

Graphite {7x7" on 11x14" bristol}

Making Things

Once the snow and cold sets in each year, the crafting/knitting bug starts to take over.  There is something about sitting in a sunny window with your tea, a blanket, and a crafting project that can't be beat.
This weekend I picked up some supplies for necklaces.  I've been seeing some simple geometric jewelry in a bunch of stores, and so I thought I'd try my luck at recreating them on a far less expensive scale:
They are made using brass and pewter mostly.  I've been a fan of brass and copper lately, so I may try to purchase some more supplies for these soon.
They are all long enough that they can slip over your head, so they don't need clasps, and they don't get tangled in my hair!

I've also been chugging away on my sweater that I've been attempting to make without a pattern.  Here is the progress so far:
 gathered sweater
It is made from a fingering weight super wash wool that is really soft.  I wanted to use a lightweight yarn so that it would drape a lot better.  I am going to try to write up a pattern for this sweater as well. :)  The neckline is crocheted and then you pick up the crocheted stitches and knit the body and sleeves.  The pattern is surprisingly simple, and fits really well so far!

Getting Cozy

The weather here has cooled off  pretty significantly here in the last few weeks, and we've slowly begun to decorate for the holidays.  Nate did all of the lights outside, and I've been working on the indoor decor.  I'm not a fan of red and green Christmas decor - I love the vintage look of blue, silver, and gold.  Here are some shots of our tree so far:
077 - xmas

075 - xmas

073 - xmas

Our giant front window is now the home of some great LED icicle lights!
080 - xmas

We rewarded ourselves for all of our hard decorating work/christmas shopping we did this weekend with a lazy day of watching football, eating frozen pizza, and cuddling with our cats in our PJ's.  
Here's Bobo sitting on Nate's lap while attentively watching the Packers hand it to the 49ers:

Recent Knitting Projects

It is cold and snowy outside today, and on top of it, I seemed to have picked up a head-cold that has kept me wiped out the last few days.  So today, I am drinking copious amounts of hot tea, sitting under a warm blanket, and knitting.
First off, I finished this project about a couple of weeks ago - It is another scarf loosely based on this pattern - Gathered Scarf - made from 2 skeins of Omega Sinfonia.
013 - Gathered Scarf
Here it is modeled by my little sister Molly - We did a quick photo shoot while I was home for Thanksgiving as a precursor to doing her actual senior pictures over winter break in Milwaukee.  Isn't she pretty!
Here's my favorite shot from our 10 minute quickie session:
Over break we also got a chance to head in to Mineral Point, WI, and I picked up some 1/2 off malabrigo yarn (yum!).  I love mineral point, it is such a quaint little artsy town with a pretty little downtown.  We love to eat there as well - my favorites are the Brew Pub, and Cafe Four.  
015 - Malabrigo
This is the project I'm currently working on - it is a clutch to replace my current clutch which I have been using for about 6 years!
Hopefully I'll finish this today, and have a zipper in it soon! 

Happy {belated} Turkey Day!

This Thanksgiving my youngest sister made the bulk of the food!  She's an aspiring cook -- she made a wonderful meal for us!

Southwestern Stuffed Turkey Breast
molly's turkey

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes
molly -- pumpkin patch

Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes
molly --

And here she is serving up some dinner!
And, over Thanksgiving I got the chance to help her set up her very own blog!
Check it out here:

Molly Jo Cooks   

She just posted some cupcake and cakes that she made, and they are making me huuuungry!

Take the Day @ The Washington Pavilion

A few weekends ago Nate and I went in to Sioux Falls to check out the 'Take the Day' Exhibition at the Washington Pavilion.  The event was a day-long open studio that allowed visitors to watch the process of artists as they created a piece from start to finish. 
Here are some shots from the day:



{Steve Bormes}




{Alan Montgomery}

Towards the end of the reception they even had two musicians from the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra play for the guests.  It was the icing on the cake for sure.

Angela Behrends, Chris Francis, and Nathan Edwards @ The BrickHouse

{Angela Behrends}

This last Thursday we at the Madison Area Arts Council put together it's first of our monthly 'Double Header' exhibits that feature an art exhibition paired with an acoustic musician for a one-night-only art show.

{Chris Francis}

{Angela Behrends}

{Nate Edwards with Chris' painting}

{Angela Behrends}



{Angela - runnin' the slides!}


It was a good night!  Thanks to all that came out to support the MAAC!