I've had so much going on these last few weeks on top of trying to battle a never-ending cold.  I decided to simplify my life today, and work solely on the dollhouse.  Here is some of the progress I've made:
doll house 26
Painting the downstairs area using house paint samples.
doll house 29
And I've also started on some of the furniture - this is a desk that is modeled after a desk by Paul McCobb.  I just got it glued, so it is drying right now:
doll house 24
I love furniture, especially mid-century modern pieces.  MMmmmmm!
doll house 27
I was looking through some of the used books at the university library, and found some really excellent books with refernce pictures of 1950's modern furniture.  Lucky eh?

Down Low and in the Garden

Thursday night a group of my friends had a show at the Bad Dog!  It was a great show, and they had a really good turnout despite the rainy weather.
There were so many wonderful pieces!  Here are only just a few--
The Party I Always Wanted, An installation by Ann Flowers
013 - Down Low and in the Garden
I'd Rather Race a Bear, by Adam Cox
011 - Down Low and in the Garden
Selections from the Collection of the Estate of the Late Bloomer, by Joanna Goss
017 - Down Low and in the Garden
Float Away, by Ann Flowers
006 - Down Low and in the Garden
I can't say enough about how well their show came together, congrats!!
007 - Down Low and in the Garden
I'll be sad when Bad Dog closes down for the season - only a few shows left before it gets too cold!

Back at It!

013 - Minneapolis
I just got back from Minneapolis where I attended the American Craft Council's 'Creating a New Craft Culture' Conference (say that three times fast!).  It was a great experience, and I got to catch up with some old friends, and made many new ones along the way.
Stacy Jo Scott, Casey Champion, and myself:
015- Minneapolis
I'll be sharing much more about the conference in this next week, but for now I just wanted to let you all know I'm back safe and sound.

25th Rotation Around the Sun

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  The Homebodies show that we put on at the Bad Dog Gallery went swimmingly, and it was great to see so many friends come out to check it out!  :)  Unfortunately I was so busy during the show I didn't get too many pics, but I did get some setup pics, so that's what you get to see!Kena and I 'supervising', aka, taking a break...
007 - Setup
Myself , Mei, and Kena enjoying the spread: chili, meatballs, salad, zucchini bread, mac and cheese, and cookies.
009 - Setup
008 - Setup
It was a wonderful night, no rain and no wind, and lots of wonderful friends coming out to support us!  We couldn't have asked for a better show.
Yesterday was my 25th birthday as well, and Nate being the great husband he is, took me out for some indian/nepalese food in St. Charles followed by a trip to Trader Joe's.  He knows the way to my heart is through food and music.  :)
012 - BirthdayBirthday

(By the way, the cardigan I'm wearing is from the thrift shop - $1!!  I love it!)
Nate looking dapper as always, but still managing to make a strange face - haha:

Next weekend Nate and I are heading out to Minneapolis for the 'Creating a New Craft Culture' conference,  and I can't wait!!

Show Tonight!

Heading out to the Bad Dog Gallery to prep for our collaborative show, "Homebodies!"  Here is a quick sneak peak!

005 - setup

001 - setup

There may be a giant blanket fort involved.  :)

In the Studio

Sorry for the lack of real substance on this blog as of late, I am in the thick of the semester, and time is lacking!  I've been chugging away on the dollhouse, painting it has been a challenge with all of the tiny details.  I'll post pics once I'm finished with the outside, but it is now a grey/blue color.  So much easier on the eyes.  :)
In the meantime, I've been working on these:
002 - cabinet
They are small graphite drawings (about 6x8") of the furniture that came with the dollhouse.
001 - rocking chair
So far I'm really happy with them.  The second one is still in progress.
I'm also working on a series of small oil paintings.  They are about 6x6", and I've just done the drawings and the under-paintings for them.
001 - towel paintings in progresss
I've got a show coming up next week Thursday that I'm looking forward to at the Bad Dog gallery.  It is a collaborative show that I'm working on with six other students for our 3D Forms & Fibers class.  It should be interesting!  Hopefully I'll get to post some in-progress pics early next week.  :)