So Happy!!

Congrats to my beautiful sister Amy, and her new husband Zach!!  I am so happy for you guys.  Isn't my sister beautiful!!
Her and my other sister Molly:
Her and I (and my June Carter hairdo!)


Amy and our Cousin Adrianna - her flower girl.
Adrianna's older sister Alexandra was Nate and I's flower girl! :) See? That was almost three years ago!

The wedding was really great, and it is was wonderful to see my sister so happy. :)

The Last Few Weeks, In Short

Recap of the last few weeks:
Packing up our Apartment
Pack. Pack. Pack.  Our apartment was a bit like a maze for a while.  I had to move out of my studio at the university - bring all of my stuff to our apartment, and then pack up the rest of our apartment.  I was exhausted.
Packing up our Apartment
When the movers came to pack the truck, we put the cats in one of the back closets.  They were seriously weirded out when they came out and our entire apartment was empty.  They ran from each room into the next meowing in confusion!  poor them!
Don't Forget ME!
It was a little bit nuts when we made the first trek to South Dakota - it was a 9 1/2 hour drive from Illinois, and we stopped in Wisconsin to visit the parents and Nate's brother.  
The long journey
The trek across Minnesota is the most boring part of the journey though...  it is disheartening to hear the garmin say "Continue 290 miles" -- Ouch...  But, on the plus side, there is very little traffic!  
Illinois to South Dakota
When we arrived, we stayed in Sioux Falls for the night, and got up the next morning to buy our new (to us) house!  It is a little 3 bedroom 1960's ranch with a finished basement.  We are so excited to start making it ours.  :)
The living room:
New Place
My studio:
New Studio
(I've already painted it and ripped down those hotel-style curtains! )
The former owners really liked blinds...
New Place
So, it is a giant work in progress, but I can't wait to get her looking beautiful!
But don't worry, it hasn't been all unpacking/cleaning/driving/painting...  Nate and I took a break last week to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary!  We've been together for over 10 years total, and he's still on my good side -- Major accomplishment!!
Anniversary Lunch
To celebrate we went into Sioux Falls, had a wonderful lunch at "K" Restaurant, and did some shopping.  It was lovely!
Anniversary Lunch


So as you may have noticed, I have been a bit absent.  In the last few weeks we've packed up my studio and our apartment, moved almost 600 miles (from Illinois to South Dakota), closed on a house, unpacked, drove to Wisconsin and photographed the wedding of some great friends, and occasionally slept.
Things have been a bit chaotic- but the good kind of chaotic.

Last night, we saw this supercell thunderstorm go just north of our town, and then we drove out to a hilltop and took some photos of it as it moved away from us.
I couldn't believe how much lightning there was.  We just sat outside and watched it for about a half hour before the mosquitoes drained us dry.

It was awesome.
In other news, I'm back to my regularly scheduled blogging.