I turned in my grades on Monday, and was officially done with this semester.  For the last few days I've been gathering all of the needed information for teaching jobs, and putting together application packets.  Not a pretty task, but necessary!
027 - gma club This afternoon though, I took a much needed break from those piles of paperwork and got to hang out with my friends Ann and Courtney for 'grandma club'.  Grandma club involves crafting, gabbing, and maybe a mimosa or two.  This week we made yarn covered wreaths, and they all turned out really cute.  Here's Ann's:
025 - gma club
And Courtney's:
026 - gma club
Somehow I forgot to take pictures of them all finished!!  I'll take some pics of mine tomorrow, I promise.

Nowhere - A Film by Nathan Edwards

Check it out!  

Nowhere. from Nathan Edwards on Vimeo.

This is my husband's thesis project for his MM in Electronic Music and Recording.  We did much of the filming for it over the summer on our road trip out west.  The first few minutes are in darkness, and then the video starts as well.  If you want to see it in it's full glory, click on the HD button once it starts! :)

Dollhouse Furniture and Thrifty Goodness

Who knew making tiny furniture could be so fun.  I've been working hard finishing these pieces this weekend.  I'm really happy with how they turned out.  There are two of these Paul McCobb bedside tables.  
Doll House 48
I'm really trying to get these as true to life as possible, they are 1/12 scale.
And a Paul McCobb dresser.  Can you tell I'm a fan of McCobb?  Tapered legs are sexy. 
Doll House 47
I still need to find some appropriate drawer pulls for these. 
Today I went to Ikea and Dick Blick with my friend Ann, and picked up some more supplies for making tiny furniture, and we had a wonderful time oogling at cooking stuff and furniture.  Yesterday, my Dad stopped by, and I got to see my youngest sister play one of her hockey games.  Busy busy!  I am looking forward to some studio time tomorrow! 
I also wanted to share these with you:
009 - owly
I got them at the thrift store last week, and they've been living on my desk ever since. 
0011 - deery
Thats about it for now, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Dear Drawing: I love you.

Yesterday, despite a killer migraine, I was fairly productive.  My students are doing well on their final projects, I've documented a good chunk of my semester's work, and I had time to draw.

I was subbing a life drawing class's final, so I got to sit and draw the entire time, which was so nice.  In undergrad I took a figure drawing class every semester that I could.  It never seemed like work. (Do I sound like an informercial yet?).  My professor was a short and crazily energetic old man who would rip up our newsprint pages if we started with a bad composition.  While this sounds cruel, it never came across as being mean because he was a truly caring person.  Ahhh, nostalgia.

Needless to say, I had a fun time in that class.  We used conte-crayon on smooth newsprint paper because he had a mean dust allergy.  I am now a conte-crayon elitist.  But, last night I opted for colored pencil.  I don't know why I don't use colored pencil more often, it is lovely.
004 - Nude
7x9" - Colored Pencil - 1.5 hours
Can I please take a figure drawing class again?

Almost There

In the last three days I've written 25 pages of Art History papers, and I am exhausted.  But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - for this semester at least.  I am looking forward to spending this weekend in the studio!
In the meantime, I've been editing some of the older pictures of my dollhouse.
Doll House 46
I am so glad that I painted it a grey-blue instead!
doll house 36
Doll House 43
I've also been working on some schematic drawings of the dollhouse furniture, but, no pictures yet!!
I'm also looking for a scanner to start scanning some of my smaller paintings, do you guys have any suggestions?
Hope you are all having a great week!