Thrifted Recently: Mid Century Goodness

This is how far $55 can get you in South Dakota:

A $10 Danish Modern Chair frame.
I saw her from a mile away.  Someone in the store had thankfully put two of the ugliest giant pillows on this chair to avert any other mid-century freaks away.  She was all mine.  I had her bought and paid for before my husband knew what was happening.  I'm in the process of ordering foam for the cushions, and I've got fabric picked out.  I'm hoping it will turn out something like this chair.

A $40 Loveseat in tip top condition.
I may feel a bit guilty about this one.  My good friend Andre actually saw this after I bought it and tried to buy it only to find out it was sold (to me!).  He jokingly thought it must have been me and told me about this beautiful couch he saw that had already been sold, and I had to break his heart.  It even has a pull-out mattress.  :)  It is going in our living room as soon as we get our new floors put in. Luckily, this couch did not come home on the roof of our car.

And, last but not least, the $5 table and chairs set.
I actually bought this table and chair set a few months back at an auction a couple of blocks from our house.  I just happened to be outside and I heard them starting the auction so I wandered over and ended up buying a few pieces of furniture and a couple of really nice ornate wood-framed mirrors.  No one else even bid on this table, so I came away with it for $5.  The only downside was that Nate had the car that day.  I hauled this set on foot piece by piece back to my house.  I also bought a small bookshelf there.  Needless to say I was a bit sore after lugging the table along.  I'm planning on replacing the fabric on the chairs in a solid color.  It is the perfect size for our porch though - and I love the look of it!

Have you found anything great lately?


Just finished painting my friend here:
Chin - 16x20" - Cassie Marie Edwards
16x20" - Oil on Canvas

And I've started another pup - this is the sketch:
German Shepherd - In progress

And the underpainting:
German Shepherd - In progress

I'm loving the orange in the background. :)