Multiplying Rabbits - A New Painting in the Works


Started working on this guy recently - 16x20" - Oil on Canvas.  I usually use pieces of scrapbook paper as backdrops for these figurines, but I've been having a hard time finding the perfect colors so I've been painting backdrop panels for the last few. 

Working on this guy tonight. :)

I'm hoping to power through some paintings this weekend!  Nate's got a few music gigs, and we've got a long weekend because of Easter Break.  We did a lot of traveling over spring break, so it will be nice to have a span of time where we are home and not working! 

Stealth cat. :D

And most importantly, Rascal says hi.  

Paintings in Process

I've been logging in a lot of studio hours this week - working on some new pieces. 

They're multiplying!

I finished the underpaintings on these three still life paintings.  I'm loving working on these round panels!


I also started this bear.  He cracks me up.


I'm usually not fond of purple - but it fit so well with this figurine.  I got the underpainting finished this evening.  It'll still need a few more layers, but it was good to get everything blocked in nicely.

In the Studio: Tondos, Panels, and is it Summer Yet?

I've been plugging away in the studio on and off the last few days.  I'm working on three of these weird little still life paintings, and having fun working on round surfaces - 'tondos' - in fancy-pants terms.  This guy is 8" and oil on wood panel.  

I've also been doing a lot of not-so-glamorous studio work too.  I cleaned most of the studio - organized my current canvases and panels, and primed a bunch of wood panels.
Aren't they pretty?  I'm really happy with how they turned out.  I used a foam cabinet roller instead of a brush to prime them to keep the surfaces super-smooth.  

I'm also ready for winter to be over.  Usually I'm not such a wimp - but today the windchill was -16 C.  Good think I have a parka that goes down to my knees. 
-15 Celsius windchill.  Bbbbbrrrrrrr!

In other exciting news I'm going to start doing some features of other artists on my blog - so stay tuned - I've got a few in the works already!

Spring Break Travels

Our spring break was a total blur!  We traveled to Wisconsin and Illinois to see family and friends and were only partially thwarted by blizzards.

On the way we got to do a few fun things too:
{Nate and I at the MMOCA)


We traveled to Dodgeville and Milwaukee in Wisconsin to visit family and friends, then we went down to Illinois an split for a bit - Nate visited some friends in Huntley, while I stopped through DeKalb to visit with the lovely NIU graduate students.  I gave a presentation on Social Media/Blogging to the current MFA students there (NIU is my alma matter) - and got to visit with the always lovely Ann Flowers.  

We then went back to South Dakota, and I got back to work - packing and shipping paintings for my show, grading work, and grading some more.  I felt a little bit like I needed a break after my spring break! :)  
{Never ending grading!}

Be Still: Cassie Marie Edwards and Mark Stemwedel at Ipso Gallery

The first of March was the opening for my show with Mark Stemwedel titled 'Be Still' that is currently up at Ipso Gallery in Sioux Falls.

Here are some shots I took just before the opening:




There are more photos here:

There was a wonderful turnout for the opening, and it was great to show alongside Mark!  I'm so thankful I got the chance to see and talk to so many people who've been supportive of my work.  

After the opening we had a celebratory meal at Phillips Avenue Diner with our Madison, SD friends who made the trek down to Sioux Falls for the evening.