New toy.

I may or may not have gotten a new iPad over the weekend.

I also got a new haircut.  So much better!  I ended up donating over 10' of hair. :)

I've also been a busy bee in the studio lately, I think all of this time away from other human beings is starting to get to me. 


Everything in the garden is coming to life!

Flowers are popping up,

The chives are doing swimmingly.  

The oregano is huge already!

And seedlings have been purchased.  They'll sit out on the porch for a week or so to harden off and then they are going in the ground.  

Labor of Love

Proof of my love:

Labor of Love

I love my brushes.  I take really good care of my brushes - I don't let them soak indefinitely in thinner, I rinse them and wash them after I am done with a painting session, I leave a little bit of soap in the bristles to help them keep their shape, and I keep the handles clean.  Sometimes though, after 8 years of hard work, I've just got to retire a brush.  Goodbye old friend, and hello new friend.

I'm also proud I've kept up my painting journal - It is really helpful when I am trying to remember what I all mixed together to achieve a certain color.  It has saved me a lot of time, and is really cutting down on my paint usage because I don't waste paint mixing colors incorrectly.

Painting Journal

When you are using paint that costs upwards of $20 for a 1.25 oz tube (I use M. Graham and Gamblin Oil Colors), it can really make a difference.

In other non-studio related news, Rascal says hi.  Even though it is almost 80 degrees in our house, she is still curled up in a blanket.

tuckered out rascal

I've also been planning the garden and working a lot on the yard the last few days.  The previous owners let their gardens get a bit overrun before selling the house, so I've been taking on the task of digging out rock beds and taking out flowers.  It is not fun or pretty work.

But, in the meantime, here are some chive blossoms from the herb garden I started last year.  The chives, oregano, sage, and thyme are all doing really well.  I love perennial herbs. :)


Here in the Middle

Hey guys, big news!
Nate and I have been working on a big project together!  We've started a podcast about artists/musicians/writers living and working in the Midwest called Here in the Middle.

{click image to go to website}

Nate has interviewed John Statz, Paul Otteson, and Stacey Berry for the podcast.  Last weekend I had a chance to meet up with artist TJ Donovan for an interview for the podcast as well.  We should have it posted within the next week or so.  I've also got an interview with poet/writer/all around awesome person Joe Briggs scheduled for next week.  

This is the crazy time of year.  Assembling/grading finals + getting ready for my solo show in June + applying for residencies + side projects!  I haven't been this busy since grad school, and I kind of love it.  

One, Two, Three

Recently Finished:
Poodle - 8x10" - Oil on Canvas

Halfway Done:
Elephant - 18x18" - Oil on Canvas

Just Started:
Chipmunk/Squirrel - 16x20" - Oil on Canvas

In two months I've got a solo show in Milwaukee at River Edge Gallery - it is crunch time!  

Recent Outings

We've been so busy!  Between getting ready for my show, traveling across the midwest, and having a ton of visitors these last few weeks, I've barely had time to think.  Here's a little recap of what's been going on.

First off, my childhood best friend got married in Madison Wisconsin a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful wedding - they were married in the Overture Center downtown, and the reception was held at the Orpheum Theater.  It was such a fun time.
A&B Wed 3
It was the first wedding of a good friend of mine where I didn't do the photography.  I love taking photographs, but I also love really being able to relax and enjoy the wedding.  Some of these are photos Nate took, and some are ones I've stolen from friends' facebook accounts.  :)
A&B wed
I was honored to stand up as a bridesmaid, and got to meet Amie's other good friends.  It also made me really miss Wisconsin.
A&B Wed 2

AB wed 3
Katie, Myself, and Anna
It was really a great time.

The weekend after that Nate's parents came in to town for the weekend.  It was also a lovely time.  We went into Sioux Falls for some shopping and eating, and took full advantage of the weekend off.  Unfortunately, I've been forgetting my camera everywhere I go these days.  Eventually I think I will have to break and purchase a 'fancy internet phone.' :)

Last weekend my cute preggo sister and her husband came to visit us from Milwaukee.  We got to go to the falls and do a little shopping, eating, and relaxing.
It was a great time!

In the Studio

Dog - 19x24 - Cassie Marie Edwards

German Shepherd - 19 x 24" - Oil on Canvas

After a few week hiatus from painting, I'm back at it.