Paintings in Progress

I'd been working on a bunch of small watercolor paintings, and having mixed success (ok - so I made a bunch of mediocre/bad paintings and a few ok ones).  I've started working on a bunch of small oil paintings to get back on track.

Blocking in the first layer of this little block painting.

Blocking in the first layer.

Second layer down on this little guy. One more to go.

The second layer is finished, I've got one more to go to add more detail and refine the gradients/ edges.

Starting the underpainting on this guy today.

Started this one from a tiny maquette made from paper and a metallic pipe cleaner.  Note: Metallic pipe cleaners are tough to paint!

Kapow. Underpainting blocked in.

This is the second layer - I've got one more layer to go on this one to flatten out the forms and sneak in some insane detail on the pipe cleaner lightening.

First layer done on this one.

This one still needs one more layer.  I kind of love how it is turning out so far.  I used craft foam to build the little maquette for this one and foresee making more of these.  I like the combination of simplicity and realism happening in this painting.


And, last but not least, a 'lone cloud' painting.  I just blocked this one in last night.

I like having a bunch of paintings to jump around between.  It helps me to stay focused and energized.  If I run into a wall with one painting, I've always got another one I can turn to to stay motivated and engaged.

Watercolors and Juice

Studio night. Just finished this little 11x14" gouache and watercolor.
Untitled - 11x14" - Watercolor, Gouache, and Pastel on Paper

I've been working quite a bit on some smaller pieces in the studio lately.  After I finished a marathon oil painting session for my last exhibition I think I just needed to decompress a little bit so I started working on a bunch of these smaller works.

Midas - 6 x8" - Watercolor on Paper

I'm not sure where I'm going with these paintings, but I'm learning a lot from each one.  

Working on shiny things in the studio.

Sunday: watercolors and sketching out a few preliminary mockups for some commissioned pieces.  I love having a bunch of little watercolor paintings started so I can work on them in tiny increments between larger oil paintings.

I've got about 12 of these little works in progress.  I always enjoy having a lot of pieces going at once - I don't think it is possible to get stuck or creatively blocked that way.  
So, I think this juicing thing is sticking.  Migraine frequency and intensity are down, energy up, coffee intake down.  Today's juice: 1/2 green apple, celery, carrot, ginger, sweet potato, and a tiny bit of cardamom. D-lish!

I'm also totally geeking out about my Juicer that I recently bought.  I've been trying to kick my migraines, drink less coffee, and eat healthier this last month.  Every afternoon I make myself a juice with one fruit and a ton of veggies.  I'd whole-heartedly recommend it!

Exhibit at Northern State University

A few weeks ago I installed my work in the Isaac Lincoln Gallery at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD.  While there I also met with students to give a lecture on how I use social media as an artist and gave a gallery talk about my current body of work.  I had a blast, and am thankful to the Art Department for having me as their guest.

Here are some shots from the exhibition:
Exhibition at Northern State University - 2015
Arranging work - this can be a surprisingly tough task - especially when considering that the figurine paintings always have a 'direction' that they face.  

The lovely show cards that they designed:
Exhibition at Northern State University - 2015

Exhibition at Northern State University - 2015
Works hanging on the largest wall. 

Exhibition at Northern State University - 2015
It was great to see so many students and faculty members attend the opening reception for the exhibition. 

Talk at NSU
The students and other attendees asked some great questions after my talk!  

Thanks again NSU for hosting my work!