Paintings in Progress

I'd been working on a bunch of small watercolor paintings, and having mixed success (ok - so I made a bunch of mediocre/bad paintings and a few ok ones).  I've started working on a bunch of small oil paintings to get back on track.

Blocking in the first layer of this little block painting.

Blocking in the first layer.

Second layer down on this little guy. One more to go.

The second layer is finished, I've got one more to go to add more detail and refine the gradients/ edges.

Starting the underpainting on this guy today.

Started this one from a tiny maquette made from paper and a metallic pipe cleaner.  Note: Metallic pipe cleaners are tough to paint!

Kapow. Underpainting blocked in.

This is the second layer - I've got one more layer to go on this one to flatten out the forms and sneak in some insane detail on the pipe cleaner lightening.

First layer done on this one.

This one still needs one more layer.  I kind of love how it is turning out so far.  I used craft foam to build the little maquette for this one and foresee making more of these.  I like the combination of simplicity and realism happening in this painting.


And, last but not least, a 'lone cloud' painting.  I just blocked this one in last night.

I like having a bunch of paintings to jump around between.  It helps me to stay focused and energized.  If I run into a wall with one painting, I've always got another one I can turn to to stay motivated and engaged.

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