In the Studio and the Classroom

We are at the end of our 'spring break' - I insert the sarcasm because by the time we actually get grading and catch up work done - it is really the equivalent of a long weekend - hah. :)  My parents came to visit from Wisconsin for the first part of break, and then we buckled down and did a grading marathon this week.  I am all caught up on grading which means I had all of yesterday to work in my studio.
Just finished this dude.  :)

I got this guy done - I had previously done a small watercolor of this one, and had to do an oil painting as well. :)  It was a gift from my G-ma Joanne.

In my happy place.

I even spent a few hours cleaning and organizing.

A peek into my extremely scatterbrained sketchbook.

I've also been toying with the idea of putting together an illustration portfolio, so I've been doing a lot of preliminary doodling in my sketchbook.

My friend John Statz and Zachary Lucky also stopped by DSU on their tour across the midwest.  My husband booked them to play in a series of acoustic concerts he's been putting together for the University and the Madison Community.  I had my Design II Color students put together a series of non-representational small paintings that were inspired by their music to show on screens behind them as they played.
Watching @johnstatz perform at DSU - my Design II: Color students made watercolor designs for the backdrop. :) #proudteacher

I loved seeing their work outside of the classroom. :)

I'm also working on another collaboration with another music faculty member.  Our next project is a landscape collage with very loose 'rules'.  Once they are finished her music composition class will make compositions based on the works.
My Design II- Color students are putting together some pretty neat collages in class today.

I can't wait to see how both the compositions and the collages turn out!

Getting my learn on.

I made a tiny little animated gif yesterday to teach myself how to animate something using photoshop. 


I'm going to attempt to do something with this in one of my classes... :)