Remember Me?

Hi -

What is happening to me - first a pink phone now a pink sweater.  I am finally becoming a real girl.

It's been a long time!  I've been doing things I swear, but blogging has been on the back burner this last semester as teaching two new studio classes last semester managed to eat up a good deal of my free time.

So here's my attempt at an update!  :)

Had fun building color schemes with my students in class today.

First, there's the teaching - Last semester I taught Figure Drawing, 2D Design, and Art History I.  This semester I'm teaching two sections of Design II - Color, and Art History II.  I've been re-vamping the courses quite a bit to really fit the mission of our department which educates students in Digital Arts and Design Fields (graphic design/ audio production/ animation/ digital storytelling/web design).

Making a few demo pieces for next semester's classes today.  #art #lino #printmaking

Those of you who work in education know that re-designing courses can be a huge time commitment - but it is really important for me to make sure my students don't see their foundations courses as something they can breeze through, or don't need.  I try to teach them the essentials of design while also pushing them to start finding their creative voice and develop conceptual skills early on.  

I've been spending a good chunk of time over 'break' developing new projects, learning new skills, and putting together example/sample images.  I'm really hoping it will pay off this semester. :)


I've also been plugging along in the studio.  Last semester it was a challenge to make the time to get work done - and in addition, I was working on this GIANT PAINTING OF DOOM that was really testing my control issues with paint.

Sooo ready to be done with this painting.
(detail from the painting of doom)

I wasn't letting myself work on other paintings until it is finished, and as a result, ended up avoiding my studio for a month.  I'm still working on it, but I'm letting myself off the hook a little bit and working on some small fun watercolor paintings in the meantime.  I've got five oil paintings that are halfway finished - those are my priority once I get a little further into the semester.


My hope with these watercolors is to re-populate my Etsy shop (which has been neglected for a while now...) and to get some lower price-point pieces out in the world for those who would want to purchase a piece directly from my studio.  :)

Other than art-teaching and art-making we've been hunkering down at home quite a bit - it's been an especially cold winter thus far, and we've been taking full advantage of staying cozy.

Homemade ravioli tonight!  :)

Part of that plan is making as many batches of homemade ravioli as possible. :)

Rascal thinks part of this plan is sitting on her brother for warmth:
I was cuddling with Bo and Rascal got jealous so she sat on him. Haha.
Hope you are all having a great new year!