October Studio Time

I've been a bit reclusive this month as school is in full swing, and I've got some larger exhibits coming up that I'm making work for.  Here's a shot of a few things going on in my studio currently: 


I'm midway through with a few larger pieces; a strange cat, and a big brass fish (which I've been wanting to start for almost a year now!).  They are progressing slowly but surely.  


Here's the drawing for the fish - I do it on paper first and then transfer it through to the canvas once I work out the placement and value setup.  

Scored some great figurines this last weekend!!

I've also been collecting a few more figurines.  Note to self: you must finish the four you have in-progress before doing these! 

Demo wall for figure drawing.  When teaching this class I try to channel the (great) professor Ballestrari who I had at UWO:   Get the entire figure on the page! Heads are not circles! Look at the negative shapes! :)

Teaching is going well.  Here's a peek into my demo board for figure drawing.  I've got some great students this semester and both of my in-person classes seem to really mesh well and contribute nicely to the classroom environment. 

One more. :)

Gardening has been slightly neglected this fall due to shows/school - BUT one of my peonies miraculously grew and bloomed!  Unfortunately right after I took this picture, I bumped in to the leaves and they all fell off.... 

Found a friend in the garden.

I also found this huge toad in the zucchini patch.  I'm going to give him credit for keeping the vine borers at bay this year so our zucchini crop finally produced! 

I love October nights.

Two days ago we had our first hard freeze, and I pulled out most of the rest of the garden.  Winter is coming on fast.  Fall is my favorite season, so I hope winter doesn't arrive too fast.