Shelter Me - My MFA Thesis Exhibition

Hi all, sorry about the absence lately, I've been busy as a bee putting together my thesis show the last few weeks.  It is now finally installed and up!
Here is a sneak peek:
Sneak Peak of my Thesis Show!
I will post some more images of the show in it's entirety soon, but I want to keep it a bit of a surprise for those coming to see it.
The show will be up the rest of the week 10am-4pm in Gallery 214 @ Northern Illinois University (In the Art Building).  Also, right after my show comes down, I am installing part of my thesis work at the former I-Space Gallery in Chicago for our MFA Graduate Group Show.  It is going to be a crazy few weeks!
Also, in other big news, Nate helped me revamp my website last week, and I'm really happy with it now!
New Website for my Artwork!
Here is the link if you are interested:   Cassie Marie Edwards
Now, back to work!

"Majestic!" - Nina Rizzo's Solo Show @ Linda Warren Gallery

Last night I was in Chi-Town with some good friends to go to the opening of Nina Rizzo's solo show, Majestic!,at Linda Warren Gallery.  Nina is one of my professor's at NIU, and I've got a massive crush on her work. 

036 - Majestic!

039 - Majestic!

It was so great to see everyone come out to support Nina! 
035 - Majestic!
Michelle Bosak, myself, and Ann Flowers

040 - Majestic!

Me, Amanda Voltz, and Brikena Boci
041 - Majestic!

This is my favorite painting in the show, Toothball Island.  It is partially based off of a part of the book The Life of Pi where the boy in the story finds teeth on a floating island that he is shipwrecked on.  It is a really great book, especially for artists, because it is so vivid in its descriptions of place. 
038 - Majestic!

And of course, a shot of Nina and myself.  :)

037 - Majestic!

That's all for now, and this may be my last post before my thesis show goes up in two weeks!
Doll House 87

Doll House 84
I love it how chairs can stand in for figures.  I've been having a lot of fun in the studio these last few days.


A week and a half ago, I took this picture outside of my studio window:
And today it was 80 degrees outside.  I love the midwest.
My good friend Ann and I had a picnic today to celebrate the warm weather, and take a break from our stressful MFA show preparations.  It was great to sit in the sun and not have to think of all the things I've got to get done in the next few weeks. 
I've been working hard on a bunch of little things.  Lets hope everything comes together swimmingly.
Here are some progress shots:
Doll House 83

Doll House 80

Doll House 79

Doll House 76

Doll House 78