In the Studio: Tondos, Panels, and is it Summer Yet?

I've been plugging away in the studio on and off the last few days.  I'm working on three of these weird little still life paintings, and having fun working on round surfaces - 'tondos' - in fancy-pants terms.  This guy is 8" and oil on wood panel.  

I've also been doing a lot of not-so-glamorous studio work too.  I cleaned most of the studio - organized my current canvases and panels, and primed a bunch of wood panels.
Aren't they pretty?  I'm really happy with how they turned out.  I used a foam cabinet roller instead of a brush to prime them to keep the surfaces super-smooth.  

I'm also ready for winter to be over.  Usually I'm not such a wimp - but today the windchill was -16 C.  Good think I have a parka that goes down to my knees. 
-15 Celsius windchill.  Bbbbbrrrrrrr!

In other exciting news I'm going to start doing some features of other artists on my blog - so stay tuned - I've got a few in the works already!

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