Working on the House

Hutch Revamp

I've got about five projects in the mix right now!  I'm painting this formerly super ugly console tv surround to go on the sides of our refrigerator and increase our kitchen storage space.  Currently we have no pantry in our kitchen, so this will really open things up.  I'm planning on putting chalkboard painted panels in the doors so it will all be enclosed.

Buffet - primed
I'm also priming this buffet that my sister made for us in her shop class!  We are going to paint the bottom grey, and stain the top dark cherry to match our kitchen table  I'm waiting until it is a little less humid out to do the staining though!

Scraping down cabinets
Do you see the beautiful dishwasher to the left of me?  We finally got around to buying one after a year of (mostly my husband) doing dishes by hand.  We didn't want to tear out our whole kitchen for a dishwasher so we tried our best to integrate it into the original cupboards.  We had some good help from some handy friends  from the university (Thanks Kurt and Steve!) who did the bulk of the carpentry/pluming/electrical work.  I've been slowly hacking away at the sanding/priming/painting of the cupboards the last few days.

Painting cabinets
I refinished 4 doors and 1 drawer, and then patched any areas in the existing cupboards that had been chipped.  Sometimes the smallest jobs seem to take the longest!

The shop!
I'm also in the midst of a bunch of refinishing projects, and I've finally got my garage 'shop' up and running.

revamped mirror
I just painted this mirror frame as well - it used to be a shiny brass plastic (yuck!) but I painted it gray to tone it down.  The yellow paint behind the mirror is on the way out as well - I bought white paint for the kitchen yesterday, so say goodbye to the ugly country yellow!

In other news, the cats say hi:

bobo pants

I hope all of your summer projects are coming along swimmingly as well.  I always feel like I get a lot done around the house in the late summer/fall because it is my way of avoiding thinking about school/working!


  1. I like the sound of a garage shop

  2. Oh, I am so envious of all your neat projects. I love how you tackle these types of things. Everything looks GREAT! I wish I was as productive as you...I'm bogged down on one lousy project so it's affecting everything else. And those are GREAT kitty pictures!!! Make sure you post FO pictures, too!!!

  3. oh man, you have no idea how much i know what it's like working on a kitchen (we recently finished ours). it's looking great, can't wait to see the progression.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Andre - I like the sound of that too. I secretly want a garage gallery as well. I dream about drywalling the whole thing and installing lighting..... :)

    Carolyn - What project are you working on? I'll make sure to post 'after' pictures.

    Joy - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I hate a cluttered kitchen, so I've been SO ready to be done! Congrats on finishing yours!

  5. can't wait to see the table finished! I'm glad you like it :) MISS YOU