Sister Week!

This last week my sister Molly was up to visit before she goes off to college and finally makes my parents empty nesters!  She is 9 years younger than me, and I moved out of my family's house when she was only 8 years old.  I remember when she was born my mom made me take a red cross babysitting class so I could be certified to babysit her when I was 12 years old.  My mom was a nurse, and my dad worked a lot, so often times I would babysit Molly and Amy (my sister who is two years younger than me) on the days my mom got called into work - making them frozen pizzas and microwave hot dogs for dinner, and secretly letting them stay up watching movies.

This week we got to do a lot of thrifting, cooking, shopping, and hanging out.  I believe we visited 7 different thrift shops between Sioux Falls, Madison, and Brookings and found some great stuff - I'm glad she enjoys thrifting as much as I do!
Here we are at Sioux Falls:
228 - Sioux Falls

228 - Sioux Falls

And we may have gotten some sushi........
231 - Sushi!

232 - sushi

She got to see some real South Dakota big skies:
235 - Supercell

And we made a lot of good food - like bacon wrapped sirloin with salad from our garden:

It was a great week!


  1. so much fun. Sioux falls is so pretty on a sun shiny day.

  2. I never saw this post! Thanks again, that was so much fun! You really are an awesome big sis!!! <3