Dog Days of Summer

Maybe the best $30 I've ever spent:
best spent $30 ever
I have a feeling I'll be spending a large majority of the remaining summer sitting right there.
Hammock Time
Sketchbook and some music - a great way to spend the afternoon!

The garden has also been coming along nicely.  We've harvested about 5 good sized zucchini, a bunch of herbs, swiss chard, and baby romaine.
Baby Romaine and Swiss Chard
The black-eyed susans are almost in bloom!  
I still can't believe how huge the lettuce is!
And we've been making good use of it too.  We have a 10 foot row of swiss chard, and a 10 foot row (that was half destroyed by rabbits) of baby romaine, and we've had more than enough salad for the two of us.  Last night we used lettuce and rosemary from our garden to make these turkey burgers:  
perfect turkey burgers
A quick tip when growing your own lettuce - often times it can get pretty bitter if eaten right from the garden.  If you have a lettuce that is bitter - try washing it off and putting it in the fridge for a day or so - cooling it takes away most of the bitter flavor.  

I'm looking forward to tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, jalapenos, and peppers.  I'm also thinking that I'll be expanding the garden a bit next summer. :)  What are you growing this summer?  Anything new and exciting?

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