Recent Acquisitions

I've been hitting up the thrift stores recently in effort to gather frames and various objects that I'm using in future projects. Along the way I've also found some great stuff. First off, here are a couple of the frames I picked up.
005 - Frame
I look for ones that are plastic (the spray primer works best on plastic), somewhat tacky, and have glass inserts.
006 - Frame
Usually they are between $1 and $2.
I also found some dark grey primer to start using on the frames so I don't have to use as much paint to cover the primer. I am going to use them for paintings similar to this one.
001 - Mug
Mugs, they are my weakness. I picked up a bunch of them for my Drawing students, and found this little pretty for myself - it is a mikasa mug. :)
002 - Leather Bags
And bags..... my other weakness..... The one on the left is one of my favorites, I thought I had lost it, but I found it in my closet while cleaning! My grandma had picked it up for me at a garage sale a while back. I found the one on the right last week and payed $5 for it. It goes across my body so it is really great for traveling. They both look like they will last a long long time.
004 - Necklace
Last but not least, I bought a necklace. We had a visiting artist this week who works with women in Guatemala who lost loved ones in their civil war. After recording their stories of war and suffering, he compiled a book in hopes to keep future generations from making the same mistakes. After they told their stories to him, he taught them how to do beading as a way of renewing their spirits. This necklace really caught my eye. :)


  1. great finds! I confess that I hunt for frames and boxes at thrift stores...I love the hunt!

  2. Did you know we have a goodwill now too? It's over by schnucks (to the left)