Home Sweet Home

Good sense would tell me to go to bed because I teach in the morning at 8am. But the next few days are going to be very stressful and busy, so goodbye good sense!
First off, I've been photographing my dollhouse before I rehab it. I wanted to get some straightforward before and after shots to highlight the changes. Here is the before:
doll house 09
The house has these little pictures on the walls of the previous owner's grandchildren, their boat, and a dead deer. I feel a little bad taking these off.
doll house 15
I've got a bunch more to edit.
I'm also in the process of repainting a bunch of thriftstore frames for another project.....
primed frames
On top of those things, I've got some paintings started in the studio. I am hoping to get some images of those up soon as well. So much to do! I think I already need a vacation.


  1. wow, it's going to be an amazing project!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    - Julie

  2. love it!!! (also makes me want to go thrifting right now!!)

  3. You always do the neatest things, Cassie - I can't wait to see these two projects turn out! Keep us updated!

  4. Dead deer!? Eek. I'm looking forward to seeing the frames in use!

  5. i love it i love it i love it!

    lets build dollhouses together.