Snow Daze

About a week ago we had two snow days at the university.  It is rare enough to get one snow day - but two in a row is nothing short of a miracle.  So, we made the best of the situation and walked down to the local coffee shop to knit for a good portion of the day.
We got about 14" of snow over the two days.  I wonder if we'll even have 'spring' this year, or if it will just go from snow to summer.  
Snow day.
Downtown Madison - piled with snow. 
Can you spot the car?
Can you spot the car?

Nate and I decided to go on an adventure/walk during the snowstorm to get out of the house for a bit.  
Snow-ga.  Hello from SoDak!!!

I think I've had my fill of winter now though - bring on the warmer weather please!

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