Paintings in Progress - Instagrams from my Studio

I've been hard at work in the studio the last few weeks getting some new pieces done for my next show at Deer Run Art & Artifacts in Cambria, CA.  I can't wait to get these finished and sent out!


This is the underpainting for this piece - I've still got another two layers or so to build up the surface and really make it 'shine'.

I'm going to spend my afternoon with these guys.
I also recently bought more brushes - I'd had one of these cheapo sable brushes from Blick that I'd used for about 8 years now (and pretty much reduced to a nub...) and it was my favorite - so I finally remembered to order more.  I'm in heaven - these are the cheapest most amazing brushes.  They are great for blending glazes and thinned background layers.  These aren't all of them. I seriously ordered about 20 of them - good thing they are cheap.

Sometimes paintings are too small for an easel. :)

I also started this little guy, and am pretty smitten with him.

The view from here.

I'm about halfway through - he needs another layer of paint to build up the surface as well.  I'll have a hard time parting with this guy. :)

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