Music to my Ears

Shitty Barn5
{Paul and John}

When we were back home in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, we got to see some of our best friends in the world play at the Shitty Barn in Spring Green.  The Shitty Barn is everything I love about music venues - it has character, it is intimate, and it gives you the warm fuzzies just being there.  It was such a treat to be able to see our old friends John Statz and Paul Otteson play.  Amanda and Allen Rigell of Count this Penny also joined in on a few songs - we got to meet them a few months back at a bonfire hosted by John's family.

Shitty Barn3
{Allen, Amanda, and John}

Did I mention I had a good time?

Shitty Barn9
{Myself and Paul}

I also got to squeeze the cheeks of this adorable kid - Paul and Abby's daughter Gwendolyn.  She's a lucky kid with a talented musician as a father and a talented artist as a mother. :)
Shitty Barn8

Shitty Barn
Those of you living near Spring Green should really go check the Shitty Barn out.  They have a communal grill-out before the show, and a really great selection of local beers and wine.

Check it out:
The Shitty Barn

Shitty Barn4
Also, if you love folk & americana music as much as I do, check out our friends:

John Statz

Paul Otteson

Count this Penny

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