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This last week I've been on a marathon solo road trip.  I went from South Dakota ----> Dodgeville, Wisconsin ----> DeKalb, Illinois ----> Chicago ----> Milwaukee, Wisconsin ----> LaCrosse, Wisconsin ----> South Dakota.  I had amazing timing with the gas prices spiking, but it was worth it to be able to see family, friends, and a crazy amount of art.
The goal of my adventure was to go to Art Chicago/Next with my friends Ann Flowers and Darren Houser (both excellent friends and artists to boot!).
It is held in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago - and we woke up nice and early to get there when it opened.  I think it is one of the first times in history that three artists went somewhere together and arrived on time.  Maybe we are finally grown-ups (probably not).
142 - Chicago

It was so great to get out and to see so much art.  I've really been missing a connection to the 'Art World' since moving to South Dakota, so this was a much needed 'fix'.  Through blogging and online it is easier than ever to stay somewhat connected, but there is nothing like seeing things up close.

061 - Nina Rizzo at Linda Warren
{Nina Rizzo}


073- Claire Sherman
{Claire Sherman}

072 - Peter Opheim
{Peter Opheim}

Also, if you are interested in seeing more of the pieces/artists I enjoyed - check out my board on Pinterest:
Artists I Love

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  1. not only were we on time... we were super early!! yay us!

    by the way... you won my giveaway! i need your address.