Recent Aquisitions

I haven't done too much thrifting lately, but I do have a couple little things to share that I picked up at the thrift store in town here.
Firstly, there is this strapping bunny:
050 - bunneh
I have an affinity for white ceramic forest animals! :)  I'm sure he'll be featured in a painting in the near future...
And then I found this beauty:053 - Knitting Machine
It's a sweater knitting machine.  At first it wasn't working - it just chewed up the yarn, and the needles weren't moving at all.  I cleaned it out really well, fixed a few of the prongs that had been bent or broken, and now it works just as it is supposed to.  I paid $20 for over $200 worth of equipment!
I hope this will encourage me to get a few more sweaters done.  It just does stockinette stitch, but it leaves raw stitches at the top and bottom of the work, so you can just pick them up and rib stitch, or finish off the edges.
I've already knit a cowl - there will be pictures soon, I promise!


  1. What a great find! Knitting machines can put up a bit of a fight but they can also make everything go so much faster. Have fun! I can't wait to see pictures of what you've been creating.

  2. Thanks Jessie!
    Yeah, it is a little tricky every once and a while, but still much much faster than fully knitting something! It also works really well with recycled sweater yarn which is a huge plus!

  3. How the heck do you find these things?!?!?! We ned to go thrifting together so you can teach me your ways :)

  4. Awesome!! You really are a thrift store pro! I admire you for diving right in to the knitting machine like that. And I could just eat that bunny!