Lamp Re-Vamp

Lamp Re-vamp!  I like the sound of that.
This is one of those thrift store finds that I bring home and Nate looks at me like I've brought a dead bird into the house.  Well, maybe not that extreme of a look, but a look nonetheless.
Sure, the cord was frayed, and the lamp base was a bit grungy, but I've always wanted to try to re-wire a lamp, so for $3, this beauty came home with me.  I loved the shape of it and saw the potential.
You can see from the above photo how dirty it really was.  The bright side is just after one swoop with a soapy rag.  Eeeew!
Then I re-wired it.  Honestly, I thought it would be much harder to rewire a lamp, but it turns out it is really simple!  It took about 5 minutes flat, and now I don't have to worry about faulty wiring.  The new cord was only $2.
After that, I decided I wanted to spray paint the base so I taped off the wood part of the base with Frog Tape and Plastic bags.  As I've said before, I am a frog tape convert, never again will I go back to blue painters tape.  Anyhoo, I just went with a flat grey primer.  I've used this color on a few of the mirror frames and other odd items in the living room, so I figured I would use it on the lamp as well to tie everything together.
Here she is pre-paint:
And the finished product:
047 - dish

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  1. so great! I love thrifting in a major way. I bought a little lamp this weekend and I hope to do a post about it soon. I just love it.

    really in love with the shape of this guy.. and the color you picked it pretty perfect