Busy as a Bee

The last few weeks have been a blur of activity! 
Last weekend I attended the annual CAA Conference in Chicago, and stayed with my good friend Marianne, who is also in her last semester of grad school (and just as stressed out as I am right now!)  We had a good time, and did some major catching-up!

003 - Installation

This week artist duo Guerra De La Paz arrived here on campus.  They are going to be here for the next 10 days working collaboratively with our class creating a livable home within the Jack Olson Gallery.

005 - Installation

We've been busy building walls, roofs, and furniture - all using re-purposed materials.

002 - Installation

The gallery opens up on Monday, we are going to be working hard this weekend!

006 - Installation

Good thing there are a ton of hands working together on this!

004 - Installation

Each student in the class is also making an individual object or furniture piece for the installation as well.  Here is the start of mine:

004 - Lamp

005 - Lamp

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  1. this looks great! I love mixing mediums up and trying out new experiments. I'm working on embroidery on canvas and collage on ceramic at the moment!

    Good luck with your show!

    (found you via a beautiful party blog!)