Day 3: Sand Dunes National Park

On the third day of our trip we drove from Colorado Springs to Sand Dunes National Park, set up our campsite, and hiked to the top of the Sand Dunes just in time for sunset.
The view was well worth it.

The hike to get there was grueling to say the least. Going uphill on loose sand is no fun. Each time we thought we were close to the peak, we would get to the top of the ridge and see about five more ridges!
For each step you would take, you sunk back about a half a step. Here is Nate trying to keep up with my unreasonable pace. :)
When we reached the top, and the reward was well worth it!
We were two of the four people at the summit as the sun set. It was so beautiful and quiet. We were a little tuckered out though...
The hike down was much easier despite the swarms of mosquitoes. We made it back to our car right as it started to get really dark, and drove to our campsite that we had set up earlier that day.
The campground we stayed at was extremely desolate, and there were only a few other campers there. That night we could hear coyotes for miles. It was a pretty amazing day.