Take the Day 2011 at the Washington Pavilion

Yesterday we made the short trek to Sioux Falls to be a part of this year's Take the Day at the Washington Pavilion.  I was honored to be one of 44 regional artists invited to participate this year.  The event calls for artists to create an artwork from start to finish during the day while visitors can walk through the galleries and interact with the artists.

093 - ttd
{Me - working on my still life painting}

I worked on a painting of a ceramic bear - it was the most fun to talk to all of the kids who came out with their parents.  I had one girl ask if she could paint one little brushstroke (and I let her), and another who I gave my layout sketch to at the end of the day. They were so adorable!

My husband, Nate Edwards, also participated:
084 - ttd
He worked on composing a sound piece.

It was such a great experience for us, and I hope it was just as fun for those who came out to say hi!

091 - ttd
{Giles Timms - working on an animation}

090 - ttd

089 - ttd
{Andres Torres}

087 - ttd
{Steve Bormes - working on a lamp}

088 - ttd
{Alan Montgomery}

081 - ttd

It was a great day!
118 - Grizzly
{My finished painting - Grizzly - 18x18" - Oil on Canvas}

If you didn't get a chance to stop by yesterday, the Visual Art Center at the Washington Pavilion is exhibiting the finished works from October 7th - December 11th.