Building Away.


I've been caught up in the world of canvas assembly lately.  Here are my 2x2"s with quarter round molding glued  & tack nailed to the surface.


These canvases are 22x22" and larger.  I love making my own stretcher bars - it saves money and I've found that they don't warp nearly as bad as commercially made canvas bars.  Once I cut them down to size I glue them together using a ratchet strap to hold it snugly together.  


After they dry for at least a day, I'll drill holes and secure the corners with 2 1/2 inch wood screws.  Tomorrow, I'll start stretching and priming!  

In other non-power-tool-related news, I've been watching this spider outside of my porch window for days:


It is a female Garden Spider, and she is massive!  Her abdomen measures close to an inch long and with her arms she could almost span my palm. 


Before photographing the spider I had to check to make sure it didn't have miraculous jumping powers so I poked it with a stick.  It didn't jump but it grabbed on to the stick and pulled back!  Creepy!  


  1. ewwww, it pulled on the stick? that's horrible...I'll bet you could feel its insane spider power in that tug.

  2. You said it was female, right? Don't poke her with a stick! I've practiced non-poking for, like, days. It works!