Anthologies in Flux at the Washington Pavilion

A few weeks ago Nate and I went in to Sioux Falls for the evening to attend the opening for Anthologies in Flux, a show featuring the work of Diana Behl, Ceca Cooper, and Liz Heeren.  It was a great show!

Each of the artists had abstract work that borrowed beautifully from the world around us.

{Concurrent - by Liz Heeren}

Liz Heeren's pieces were both quiet and grandiose; abstractions of a silent underwater world in which nature and man-made structures collide.  They are both beautiful and uneasy.
{Liz Heeren}

{Ceca Cooper}

Ceca Cooper's work is deeply connected to the natural world here in eastern South Dakota.  There is a flatness in her paintings that presses the subjects in her painting right up to the viewer, giving them the ability to see the world through her eyes.

{Diana Behl - March}

Diana Behl's work is also deeply influenced by her surroundings, these paintings are from a series of works named after the months.  They evoke a sense of familiarity - they seem like snippets of memories.  Their abstract quality makes them easy to become immersed in.

{Diana Behl - May}

If you live nearby, you really ought to make it out to this show.  It is located in the Washington Pavilion and runs through November 13th.

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