Hot Off the Presses

Finished this little painting last night for a show I was invited to participate in in Illinois.  It is 8x8" and oil on canvas.
Garage - 8 x 8 " - Oil on Canvas - Cassie Marie Edwards
I love how it turned out.  I prefer to paint using a 'wet in wet' technique where all mixing and painting is done in one session - instead of putting down a layer, waiting for it to dry, and glazing paint over the top of it.  Usually I do a thin underpainting, and then paint the final layer over the top of it in one to three sessions.

I was using this painting as a dry run for a painting I will be doing (live) at an event I'll be participating in on October 1st called "Take the Day" held at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.  I wanted to try using a thin acrylic underpainting on the piece to speed along my process a bit and still have nice thick paint layers.  The event calls for artists to create a piece in the main gallery while the public is open to watch and talk with the artists.  Here's the lovely feature that was written by TJ - the organizer of the event:  Artist Spotlight  And another recent snippet from the Graphic Content blog:  New Contributer: Cassie Marie Edwards

I am really pumped to be able to meet so many amazing artists from our area!