Recent Furniture Refinishing Projects

Between starting to teach my class and Bobo getting sick, I made some time to finish up some projects I'd been working on.
The first is a $10 mid-century bedside table that I spruced up using some restor-a-finish.  It was pretty scratched, and worn, but the restor-a-finish totally brought it back to life.

Then there is this table that (shamefully) I've had in the works for over a year!  Here is the before image:
020 - Lane Coffee Table Redo
It was really scratched and the finish was badly damaged, so I decided to strip the base, and repaint the top.
Here it is partway through:
021 - Lane Coffee Table Redo
And Finished:
The color in the photo is a little darker than it is in person - here is a better pic of the color:

Another piece we picked up recently was this great desk!  I used restor-a-finish on this piece as well, and it looks good as new.  The handles aren't back on yet, but you get the idea. :)  
The cats love it as much as we do. 

We also painted our kitchen this last weekend - we got rid of the ugly country yellow (finally!) and we opted for a light grey/white.  There is a lot of wall space in the kitchen, so I'm hoping to make some big paintings for the walls.  

With school starting, housework, and the cat being sick, we had a bit of a long week.  Good thing we've got a comfy couch.


  1. it all looks so lovely! and I'm glad your cat is on the mend. sick pets are the saddest. ) :

  2. that occasional table is TO DIE FOR. generally i'm not a fan of that expression but it was absolutely how i felt in this case. WOW! you really have a way with finding and restoring amazing pieces.

    and glad your kitty is feeling better! that sounded awful.

  3. Gorgeous! I like that you leave out the nasty part of stripping the old finish. :) What did you use?

    The cats are wonderful too!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Yoel - I actually didn't use a stripper on the side table because the finish was so worn and thin - I just used my random orbital sander with some heavy duty sandpaper to strip off the finish. It took a while but it turned out well - also there were some pretty nasty scratches, so it took them right out. When I do strip furniture I like to use Citristrip - it is amazing and the fumes aren't toxic - it is caustic though, so you've got to wear thick gloves! Hope that helps! :)