My Buddy

Last weekend we had to take our cat Bobo in to the vet at 2am because he was suffering from a blocked bladder caused by a UTI.  The vets in town wanted us to wait until the morning to take him in, but he started showing signs of extreme pain (terrible yowling and trying to hide - hissing when we would try to pet him), so we decided to take him to Sioux Falls (an hour away) at 2am.  We found out there that he could have died if we waited until the morning - blocked bladders can quickly become deadly in male cats.  We are very thankful to have listened to our instincts.  He had to stay at the Animal Hospital for three days with a catheter, IV, and antibiotics to make sure he wouldn't block again.  We've had him home since Monday, and he's been such a good sport taking his medicine and eating his new food.
Even Rascal missed him!
Rascal and Bo
We are so thankful that he's alright - it was such a stressful week knowing that he was sick, at the hospital, and then hoping he would be fine once we got him home.


  1. I'm glad to hear that he's doing alright!!! Do you have pet insurance?

  2. Thanks Michi! We don't have pet insurance as of now, but I think we are going to after this! Luckily there was no lasting damage, and there is a non-prescription food that the vet recommended. I could see bills really being an issue if that had been the case.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you got him to the vet in time to save his life!! Hope he gets better soon!

  4. ohhhh, so scary. glad he is doing better :)