In the Studio

Yesterday I got a full studio day (with a quick break to catch the Brewers play - Go BREW CREW!!).  This is the result:
121 - kong
I finished the under-painting for my still life of King Kong.  Big thanks to my friend Andre Jordan who lent me his King Kong figurine from his Etsy shop: Iamanastronaut.  Check it out, he has great stuff!

As you may remember, I built a bunch of canvas frames recently, and last week I finished stretching them, and priming the canvases.

123 - frames

Look at those sexy corners:

Here's the process of this painting thus far:
126 - kong
{charcoal sketch - I put archival spray fixative over this so the charcoal doesn't bleed into the final painting)

{mixing mixing mixing}

122 - kong

120 - kong
{ Rawr!!}

And last but not least, my studio buddy:
Whenever I am in my studio, Rascal HAS to be in there.  If I close the door on her, she claws relentlessly at the bottom of the door like a psychopath.  I've figured out that if I make a little blanket nest on the floor, she will readily curl up in there and watch me without trying to climb up my easel. :)