Updating My Website

I've been working hard on updating my art website lately, and I'm about 90% finished - I've just got to work out some small kinks, and it'll be as good as gold.  I'd love it if you could stop by and let me know how you like it!

I'm also almost finished with the painting I started a few days ago:
cassie marie edwards
At this point I just need to wait for the paint to dry to go back in and add highlights.  


  1. Cassie, I love the new site, how clean it is. It's a nice showcase for your work. I looked at all the art and it was easy and worked quickly.

    I wonder if you considered putting your CV on your About page. Still have a bit of personal text and then the CV for anyone who wants to look at it.

    I check out your blog about once a week and enjoy your sense of humor and the variety of things you do - and are willing to share. Looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks for looking Verna (and visiting the blog in general!) I've finally gotten the "about' section finished - I always feel weird writing about myself! I think I'll add some of my shows into my about section to integrate some of my CV there - I'd also like to figure out how to post my CV as a download eventually... :)