Veggie Garden

The veggie garden is doing great - minus a few bunnies who keep eating the lettuces!
Baby Romaine
{Baby Romaine Lettuce - when I went outside today, this guy was munched down completely - I think I'll be investing in a chicken wire fence.}

{Sage - it is getting huge!  We've been cutting off leaves almost every day too!}


{Our front yard Zucchini - One thing I love about our house and neighborhood is that everyone has a veggie garden, so planting zucchini in your front yard isn't frowned upon - not that that would stop me.}

The Back Garden Plot
{This is the finished backyard plot - It really helped to remove the sod - we've hardly had any weeds - unlike my garden in Illinois which I had to weed every other day!}

First Tomato flowers!
{The first tomato flowers on the cherry tomato plants - I'm really looking forward to having cherry tomatoes, I don't think many of them will survive being eaten straight off of the plant.}

First Serrano Pepper
{The first serrano pepper!  It's a little lumpy, but it is growing!} 

Swiss Chard
{And last but not least, the bright lights swiss chard - my favorite lettuce because you can harvest from it all summer and fall and it keeps coming back.}


  1. everything looks like it's doing so well, that's awesome!! I've got tomatoes, kale, and rainbow chard, as well some herbs. It's so satisfying to grow a bit of your own food!!

  2. Thanks Julie!
    I think I am going to add kale to the list next year as well. :)