Refinishing Project

I'd been searching online for easier ways to refinish furniture after purchasing a desk that had a damaged finish.  As you know I'm big into mid-century furniture, and most of the pieces I've bought have had minor damage - watermarks, chips, scratches, etc..
The same was true for this piece:
It is a beautiful solid wood magazine rack that I picked up for $1 - but unfortunately the finish was not so great.
But, I'd been hearing good things about Howard's Restor-a-Finish, so I thought I'd give it a try, and it worked amazingly!
So much better!
I also used Feed-n-Wax to give it that extra glow once I was finished.  Honestly, I think I would marry this stuff if I could.  I'm going to get a few of the other colors to try on some of my other furniture.  This little project would have been a major pain in the butt to refinish - with the Restor-a-Finish it literally took about 15 minutes to apply with 000 grade steel wool, and another 5 minutes for the wax finish.
I thought I'd share my findings with all of you other mid-century or antique fiends out there. :)  If you have any questions about it - let me know!

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