Wisconsin Protests

While in Wisconsin over our Spring Break we made it a point to get to the Capitol to protest against the budget repair being put forth by Governor Walker.  The protests have been amazing to watch, and I'm so proud of my fellow Wisconsinites for standing up for what they believe in, and not letting corporate interests trump human interests.
{Inside the Capitol in Madison - one of my favorite places to be in Wisconsin}
Outside of the Capitol on a Sunday afternoon - there have been massive protests every Saturday since the bill was introduced.  Even though Walker signed the bill into law this last week, people are still coming out.  The lawn of the Capitol is torn up from all of the people who have been protesting the last few weeks.  This last Saturday approximately 100,000 people showed up to protest.
{Nate and I}
We were so thankful to have made it out to protest.
Even though the bill has passed, I hope it serves a wake-up call for the middle class.  The news keeps reporting that this issue has 'awaken a sleeping giant.'  I think the most disturbing thing about this issue has been the disrespect shown towards Wisconsin's educators.  There are people who are celebrating the fact that this bill went through.  I think that is downright shameful.  Would I celebrate if another person got an 8% salary cut, and lost their rights to collectively bargain?  No.  I've always held the belief that you should never look down upon another person unless you are helping them up.  
That being said, I think that the biggest issue here is not just the cuts to education, but the influence that corporations are now having over our government.  This is a video showing how the 'Citizens United' bill is affecting our political system.  I think that whatever party you are a part of, you should be disturbed by this:

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  1. Well said! And yeah, it's totally nauseating to think of the power corporations have. That video is great!