CD Release!

Sorry for the recent hiatus - the combination of midterm grading, traveling to Wisconsin, and getting ready for Nate's CD Release Party mixed with frequent Migraines has left me with very little 'fun' time recently!  But I'm back on track now!
So, the next few posts will be a recap of the last few weeks:
First off, Nate had his CD Release Party here in South Dakota - and it went over really well!  Here are some pics from the show:
He had a group of his friends here accompany him on many of the songs, and he did a combination of songs from the CD and covers of artists that inspired him.
{Chris Champion}

Nate even forced me to sing a few songs with him.  I am terrified of singing in public!  I don't know why, it is just extremely nerve wracking for me.  Here's a video of a Josh Ritter song that we covered together:

I'm really glad I did it!  Although I'm glad the color quality of the video isn't too great otherwise you'd be able to see that I turn bright red anytime I am nervous!
Anyways, if you are interested, here's a link to where you can purchase a CD, and preview all of the tracks:


  1. I'm so proud of you Cassie!!!! You sound so awesome :) No need to be shy... I want to see you up there every time now! :)