Self Portrait, Winter Needs to be Over.

Sometimes when I get stuck in the studio I do a self portrait to get myself back on track.  This is the result:
14x14" Oil on Canvas.
072 - self portrait
I think this last leg of winter has really worn on me.  I've been working from home (teaching online) and yearning to get out and about - ride my bike, start my garden, etc.  It has been cold and windy as heck.
The 45 mph winds make even a 30 degree day seem frigid.
These shots are from the beginning of our drive home from Wisconsin to South Dakota - it is a drive that should take 71/2 hours, and ended up taking close to 10 because of black ice and crazy winds!
No more driving until winter is gone please!


  1. These pictures are beautiful! So dramatic.

  2. Ooh, yeah long road trips in Winter are scary and un-fun! I agree with Sarah; the photos are so striking and beautiful! And what a lovely portrait! It's amazing to me that you could create something like that, just to help yourself get on track!