Thrifted Recently:

Nate and I were in Sioux Falls last weekend, and I got to do a good bit of thrifting!  I found a ton of things, including some great jewelry.  You cant beat necklaces for 75 cents.
057 - Necklace

I may take this one apart for the beads.  I'm not sure yet though.
056 - Necklace

I love the simplicity of this one - it is really long and can be doubled up as well.
054 - Necklace

055 - Necklace

I also picked up this great little pan!
064 - pan
It is so cute I could marry it.


  1. Great finds, as always! I've recently become hellbent on acquiring some vintage enamelware for the kitchen (I'm assuming your pot is enamelware; otherwise what I just told you is a little irrelevant!)

  2. Thanks!
    I hear you about the enamelware! This is actually just enameled on the outside, not the inside (sadly) but I couldn't resist the yellowy cuteness. I always find great kitchen stuff at the scuzziest thrift stores. :)

  3. Those necklaces are stunning! Love the first and forth ones!