Bunny Painting
I finished this little painting yesterday, and got a start on some projects that I had been putting off for a while due to not having enough time.
I've got a desk, a chair, and a coffee table that are all great/solid/sturdy and wonderful pieces of furniture, but all need to be refinished. 
This one just needs the top sanded down, a few small drill holes patched, and to be refinished.  The legs are in perfect condition.
015 - Midcentury Table
018 - Midcentury Chair
And then there is this beauty - I found this chair on the side of the road in dire condition without a seat.
014 - Midcentury Chair
I think it was covered in years of swamp muck:
017 - Midcentury Chair
I am pretty sure I can get this chair back to a good place though. 
Last but not least, there is the Lane coffee table that I bought at the thrift shop for $5:
020 - Lane Coffee Table Redo
It is very well built, but was covered in nail polish (you can't really see it in this pic, but trust me, there is glittery nail polish smeared all over it). 
019 - Sanding!
Today I tackled the sanding of the coffee table:
022 - Lane Coffee Table Redo
021 - Lane Coffee Table Redo


  1. The painting turned out gorgeously, and what amazing midcentury finds- I cna't believe you found that chair by the side of the road!!

  2. Ooh, exciting! I know these will all look amazing.