Beginnings and Endings

I don't think it has quite sunk in yet that we'll be moving 10 hours away from here in a few short months.  Time has been racing by, and I feel like I need to slow it down and try to get some quality time with my friends and family.  Today and tomorrow are business days though - I've got to go into school and get some last ducks in order, and then head to the studio to organize and start packing up *sniff* *sniff*.  Tomorrow I've got to document and then de-install my work downtown.  It is just nuts how things have fallen into place though, we feel so thankful that Nate got his job, and that there's a possibility that I will be able to pick up a few classes as well.  At the same time there is a bitter sweetness about it as well because we've built up such a great friend group and really gotten involved in the art/music communities here.
So, here is to the beginning of new things, and the ending to others.
Graphite Ceramic Bunny Drawing
Ceramic Rabbit - Thriftstore Abandonee - Graphite on Paper - 4x4" 

And Endings:
061 - fire
The Burning of an Old Life - A sculpture by Darren Houser - The last breath

And there we have it. 

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  1. I wish you had a photo of that ending photo also trying to end my life. haha!
    I will miss you times five. times fifty-five!