Last week we had some friends over for a barbecue,
071 - summertime
We had DIY shish kebabs with chicken, pineapple, red and green peppers, onions, and mushrooms with corn.  I was really proud of myself for saving the pineapple top to use as decoration.  I am usually not so fancy.  haha...
070 - summertime
Nate and Courtney putting together their kebabs.  Surprisingly, no injuries resulted from this meal.
069 - summertime
072 - summertime
Nate and our sad excuse for a grill.  Notice the flower pot holding up the leg, it rusted off over the summer...  Instead of standing around the grill shooting the shit, you've got to crouch down by it, trying not to fall into it.  Note to self: we are getting a bigger grill when we move. 
But it did the job!
And after our gluttonous feast, Courtney and I had a chance to bring out our projects.  I love having knitting/crocheting friends. 
068 - summertime
And Darren with his 'too much food' face. :)
073 - summertime
It was a wonderful night!


  1. The kabobs look fab! I love that you employed your friends to build the skewers, great idea! Group participation is always fun :) LMAO over your grill, BTDT :) You're so lucky to have knit/crotchet friends!!!! I wish I knew someone who knew how to knit - then I'd have someone to help me figure out what it is that I'm doing so very wrong LOL :)

  2. I love the DIY kebabs!! kebabs are the perfect summer barbecue treat, for sure. I love that pretty afghan that is in the background of the last photo!

  3. I think my parents had kebabs last night, actually. summer food is the best...