Progress in the Studio

I've been chugging right along on these little guache paintings - here's my recent progress:
017 - dollhouse paintings

016 - dollhouse paintings

015 - dollhouse paintings

014 - dollhouse paintings

Most of these aren't finished yet, but they are getting close!  I love working on little series.  When you encounter problems within a piece, they don't seem as crippling as they do when working on a large piece.  I also love how intimate small paintings are.  

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  1. Hi Cassie, I wanted to write you first because I found, made and loved the crocheted soap saver blog! Thanks. It was fun making with leftover yarn while staying hospital with my son, however when I get home I will blog it for sure. Also, we lived in DeKalb for a 4 years while hubby was in school so we had that in common. Se, hello and I will keep up on you.
    Take care and nice art...