Dollhouse Flooring and Furniture

I wanted to share some of the furniture for the dollhouse that I've finished.
The tiny easel!  I don't even own an actual easel (sad) it is one of those things I've always wanted but never had the space for. Hopefully that will change soon!
Doll House 55
A coat tree:
Doll House 58
The frame for a couch - it will have a seat cushion at some point:
Doll House 57
And floors!
I used a birch panel which I scored with an exacto knife (which was much harder than I thought it would be!) sanded smooth, and then stained.   
Doll House 54
As of now, I've just done one part of the floor, and still have to install it in the dollhouse.
Doll House 56


  1. Yay, your posts are updating in Ravelry! Love this furniture...your photography skills are excellent. :)

  2. wow, incredible!! that flooring is seriously impressive. if only it were so easy to do that to real life sized things....

  3. beautiful! i can't wait to see it finished! i'm sure you can't wait to see that, too. ( :

  4. very beautiful! I find woodwork to be intimidating but have had a fantasy of making a Japanese dollhouse...

  5. I'm so ready to move into this doll house!

  6. That flooring is just beautiful! I'm a gong show with exacto knives, so I salute you doubly on this one!

  7. 50 points to Gryffindor for that gorgeous wood floor! Wow...hello from the Minneapolis Tews clan!